Romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Next BIG Thing - And More

Hey - listen up -I'm sharing about THE NEXT BIG THING.  Well, right here it's my next big thing but I've been tagged by Eden Glenn.  Take a minute and head over to her place and then we'll get to mine. Although I have several things coming up between December 3 and April's the big full length novel coming then I thought I'd spotlight.  First,, though, here's Eden's link:

And one other little bit of business.....It's tonight - the radio program you've been waiting to hear....with host Bennet Pomerantz and dozens of authors including me.  We'll be sharing about our works with loads of ideas what to buy so tune in - don't miss it!!

Now onto my next big thing - The Sin Eater's Redemption...coming April 17, 2013 from Rebel Ink Press.  Do you know what sin eaters were? In Wales and other spots throughout the British Isles, sin eaters came and "ate" the sins of the newly deceased.  The custom crossed the waters with immigrants who settled up in areas including the Appalachians and the Ozarks.  Most people believe the custom died out long ago but in the Ozarks, things of the past often seem to live on into the 21st century.  First, here's the cover and then the unofficial blurb:


Death brings would-be country singer Tessa Owens home from Nashville to her native Ozarks.  But she’s not planning to stay.  She turned her back on the old ways of life in the modern world long ago. But she didn’t expect to meet her first love, Lucas Rowlands, at the visitation.   Seven years wasn’t long enough to forget him and sparks ignite when they meet again. Even worse, Tessa learns Lucas isn’t the simple country farmer she left behind but the sin eater, an ancient position handed down to him from his grandfather.  She still plans to make tracks back to Music City USA but when Lucas falls ill, Tessa can’t bear to leave.  As she struggles to understand Lucas’ life and role as a sin eater Tessa admits she loves him and there’s no doubt what he feels for her.  But even if she’ll give up her country music dreams, there’s no way Tessa can become the sin eater’s wife, especially not when Lucas knows he won’t make old bones.  The devil wants Lucas’ sin-heavy soul and if they don’t come up with something, Lucas is hell bound on an express ticket.  If there’s any chance at a future, it’s up to Tessa.
Next week, five other authors will share their next big thing on their blogs so stay tuned.
In the meantime - in order of their upcoming's what's next:


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