Romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Thursday, November 01, 2012

What's Coming Up? Three releases, three love stories!

It's November...just the name of the month makes me want to shiver with a chill.  Halloween may be over and the general election just ahead.  I'll cast my vote on Tuesday but to be honest, I'll be glad when all the hoopla ends and things settle down.  Sure, I have my preferences but out of respect I'm not sharing them here - I wouldn't want to start a quarrell and besides, my grandmother taught me it's not polite to discuss religion or politics.

Instead, I'll share what's coming next...the first this weekend, November's a short, sexy read coming to via Rebel Ink Press called Three Encounters of A Close Kind.  Here's the blurb and then a short little taste:

When Carisa puts on her stilettoes, she feels empowered to face a blind date. She doesn't expect much - until her best friend opens the door to gorgeous hunk Alex Milton. As their first date unfolds, Carisa finds he shares many of her same tastes and they connect in every possible way including down and dirty with a wild, unexpected sexual connection. A second date confirms their attraction and she adores his house, a vintage bungalow furnished with antiques and eclectic items. By the time their third formal date rolls around, they're both ready for something more and Carisa finds maybe she can believe in true love, something she didn't think existed in the real world. Until now.

            Whatever he’d held back, Alex gave now and she took it with joyous abandon.  In those delicious moments, there was nothing but skin, two bodies locked in an eternal carnal pattern of joy.  When the climax came it rocked Carisa to her core and she rode it, like a streaming skyrocket into the heavens where it exploded.  Erotic satisfaction turned her body into a pleasure palace of delights and she screamed with release.  Light, sound, action merged into one nirvana, one center of wonder and then Carisa came down, floated to earth sated and full.
            As her breathing slowed back to normal and her pulse rate slackened she cuddled against Alex, happy.  He nuzzled her, light and easy.  Much more and she’d go off again into another explosion, but his gentle hand, his sweet mouth were just what she craved.  She touched his cheek, outlined his lips with wonder.  “Oh, Alex,” she breathed.  Carisa lacked words to string into a sentence to describe how she felt, how good their sex felt.
            “Hush, honey,” he said. “Just tell me you’re staying.”
            “I shouldn’t,” she replied with honesty. “But I am.”
            They drifted into sleep, still intertwined together and woke.  Carisa didn’t care she could smell the pungent aroma of their sex.  She loved waking up next to a man, to see his eyes flutter open and light up when he saw her in his bed.  Although they didn’t make love, they petted and touched until she wanted to indulge.
            “I promised you breakfast,” Alex said with a grin. “Go take a shower and I’ll start cooking.”
Next, just two short weeks later, on November 17th, I have a longer read - Devlin's Grace.  Here's the blurb:
When he rides out of the fog on his motorcycle, Gracie Alloway almost mistook him for a demon rising from the smoke and steam of hell. Except she's attracted to him from the first moment. Devlin's everything she's not - wild and a little wicked. But opposites attract because good girl, college student Gracie wants more of this bad boy.
Devlin dreamed up a fantasy woman back in Iraq a lot like Gracie and she evokes a side he hasn't shown anyone in years. She also dares to enter his personal space and take liberties no other woman's dared. Although he struggles with PTSD and other issues, Gracie won’t run and she refuses to abandon Devlin.
If she can just tame him and help him battle his demons. If he can teach her how to live a little bit more, they might just have a chance at a future together.
Now an excerpt:
  He greeted her with a quiet smile, naked as Adam in the Garden of Eden.  His lean, scarred body immediately aroused her, all the more because Gracie knew from his expression he’d sloughed away some of his inner darkness for now. 
                Devlin glanced around the bedroom and grinned.  In place of the candles she’d wanted Gracie draped the single bedside lamp with a thin kitchen towel to soften the illumination.  The muted light set a similar mood and she’d found a Mannheim Steamroller CD among Dev’s collection so delightful music created some background ambiance.  Her earlier desire stirred and with a racy little witch walk, hips swaying, Gracie walked over to him.  Without a word, she touched his chest then dropped her hands lower to cup his manhood between her palms.  His cock came to life with speed and Devlin kissed her, without artifice and with nothing between them but basic want and sheer need.
                His mouth cherished hers, nurtured and nuzzled Gracie’s lips.   Tingles danced along her spine and legs.  Devlin’s kisses sent electricity through her nipples and turned her pussy moist.
He held her and his hands strayed over her flesh, removing her garments with deft skill.  His kisses continued and he moved downward to kiss her breasts until she shivered.  Gracie’s fingers fondled Dev’s nipples and when they turned hard beneath her touch, she put her mouth over one to suckle.  His moan of pleasure fired her further and for the first time she dropped to her knees.
                Gracie took his dick into her mouth and sucked, evoking a new sensation for her, more than a little strange yet she liked it.  When it stiffened, she used her lips to caress and Devlin cried out with wordless delight. “Oh, Jesus, babe,” he said, “That’s good, real good.  Don’t quit now.”
Okay and one more from Rebel Ink this year - on December 3, a sweet but intimate Christmas read...The Home Fires of Christmas. 
 Here's the blurb:
Lela may be the wife of a famous singer but on Christmas Eve, she finds herself home alone.  As she waits for Shane to come home for the holidays, Lela wonders if fame has changed their lives too much.  Shane's out on the road almost all the time while she keeps the home fires burning.  Shane's failure to arrive sends her into a bout of self-pity but when he finally makes it home, she learns things are much different than they seem.
“Merry Christmas, babe,” he said as he bent low to put his mouth over hers.  He tasted of peppermints and a fainter hint of good bourbon, pleasant and familiar.  Heat kindled between their lips and fire ignited between them as his mouth teased hers into desire.  His kiss pleasured her mouth but evoked waves of want in her body, sweet thrills of delight rippling with need. As her body eased into the familiar tension, the yearning just one thing could relieve, Lela curled herself closer against Shane until she felt his hard cock move against her.
            He pulled away her robe and stripped her flannel nightgown away.  Shane’s large hands roamed over her body, caressing and fondling.  He knew just where to touch to evoke her reaction, how to stroke her to increase her desire to a fever pitch.  Lela’s hands jerked at his shirt, fumbled the buttons until she could take it off.  When she did, Shane unzipped his jeans and stepped out of them, bare as the day he came into the world beneath the denim.  She admired his shaft and reached out to take it into her hand.  As she began to caress him, Shane pulled his mouth away from hers to latch onto her left nipple where he suckled.  Extreme pleasure flowed through her body as she arched her back to get maximum reaction.  He switched to her right breast, hand cupping it as he tongued around her sensitive nipple until she whimpered with need.
            Shane’s fingers moved to her mound where he stroked until her inner pulsing increased so much Lela thought she’d die if she didn’t get satisfaction soon.  Her own fingers tangled in his hair, longer than he’d once worn it then moved to rake his back with her fingernails like a she-animal.  He groaned with pleasure and maneuvered her toward the antique couch.   Lela sprawled on it, legs spread open and he entered her fast and harsh with the power of a river flowing into her body.  From the first connection she spasmed with glad satisfaction as each ripple grew until waves of erotic enchantment bewitched her.

And 2013...stay tuned but there's more on the way.  Here are some titles to wonder about...all coming in 2013, all from Rebel Ink Press...
The Sin Eater's Redemption....Three of Hearts....Small Town Love Story....and Pink Neon....and more on the way!
It's going to be a great new year!

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