Romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cyn Hayden - Final Day of The Rebel Elite Holiday Hop!

It's the final day in the Rebel Elite Holiday Blog Hop. We’ve spent the week sharing back and forth about our fellow authors, what’s new, what’s coming ahead.  Today I’m delighted to feature Cyn Hayden on the blog but first, a few last details for those who may be joining the party for the first time!

All Rebel authors are special but in 2013, Rebel Ink Press is launching a new program - the Rebel Elite. Just over a dozen of us are part of the group as since we're all but knocking on 2013's door, we're spending a week sharing each other's works and a little bit about ourselves. We've got prizes too! A Kindle Paper White, 14 $5 gift cards, and a Rebel Swag Basket! To enter, use the Rafflecopter link below!

Now let’s get back to my guest, Cyn Hayden.  From Cyn herself, here’s her bio and then a couple of excerpts from her next up release coming in early 2013, the third book of her series:

I’m a transplanted Yankee residing in a North Carolina town famous for being the NC shrimp capital.  I was employed by the Department of Defense for twenty-six years as a military historian specializing in Special Operations.  I also worked as an archivist and as a museum technician.  Now I’m enjoying a new career as a paranormal/historical fiction romance writer for Rebel Ink Press. My first two books, Aurelia and Auric are Ebooks and can be purchased through Hopefully, the third in the paranormal series, Clann Doone will appear early in 2013.

And from book three in the series, Clann Doone, coming in 2013.....

Clann Doone Excerpt

Thor, in dolphin form, was enjoying the swim until his lazy circuit was abruptly cut off by a seal pup with the temerity to snatch the herring he’d caught right out of his mouth.    Before he could even think what the fuck, the pup dove.  Thor followed, intending to grab his snack back and teach the pup a lesson about stealing from dolphins.  He saw the little thief flip half of the herring to another pup, just as a huge, dark shadow rocketed from below.  Shark!  A goddamn shark!    Thor saw red as he watched his little thief throw himself into the path of the predator to keep its sibling from certain death.   Unfortunately, the shark latched on and shook the helpless hero.  Thor backed up for more room and then accelerated at full ramming speed.  The shark released the pup from its maw as it went belly up in death.  Its sibling was circling and nudging him, but the little thief remained immobile in water stained red from the savage bite.  Thor grabbed the wounded seal gently in his mouth and headed for shore; ignoring the repeated ramming from the other pup.  He didn’t have time to explain he was trying to help, and besides, he didn’t speak seal.  He figured the other pup would follow as far as he could, and then hang around the area until he and Auric could nurse the wounded one back to health and release it.

He all but ran toward Auric the moment his feet touched the sand.  “Hurry, we need to stop the bleeding.  The pup was attacked by a shark. Before he could continue a furious voice at thigh level, bellowed, “Leave me brother alone!”



 Auric held the beach towel out to Thor as he surfaced and walked nude from the waves.  It was dark enough that he couldn’t immediately tell what Thor held, but he couldn’t help but notice he was being followed from the waves by a seal pup barking furiously and trying to nip at his heels.  When he extended the towel, Thor grabbed it and passed him the object he held in his arms.  He had to take a few staggering steps to keep control of his burden when the pup he held suddenly shimmered into a small boy with a very nasty wound in his side. 

“By the gods, Thor, they’re selkies!  Quick, grab the one trying to rip your knee off, and let’s get into the house where I can treat the wound better.”

            He didn’t need to tell Thor twice.  The little terror was scooped up in a tight embrace to keep his flailing arms and legs from doing serious bodily harm.    He winced when Thor assaulted his vampire hearing by thundering, “Be silent!”  The desired effect was achieved and the lad stopped shrieking long enough for him to explain.  “We’re going to help your brother, but you have to calm down so we can examine him.  Tell him to stop fighting and let us look at his wound.”

              Once inside, Auric was better able to diagnose the injury.  It was fearsome but not fatal.  Bending his head he licked it to stop the bleeding and, using his fangs, opened a small wound on his wrist and held it to the boy’s mouth.  With a small mental push he ordered, “Drink, it’ll help to heal you.”  Only after the boy had taken several swallows of his blood, and it was evident that the wound no longer bled, did Auric back off and really look at what Thor had rescued. 

By the gods, twins, and with their study swimmers’ bodies and shoulder-length auburn hair they could pass for his sons.  Turning to Thor he exclaimed, “Bloody Hell, Thor, is it me or am I seeing two miniature Aurics?”

His pronounced Scot’s accent seemed to excite the unwounded brother, and he watched as he ran to his sibling to pat him gently on the shoulder and proclaim, “Look, Callum, we did it, we found Da.  And guess what, the gods may have taken Mum, but now we gots two Das.  This one,” pointing at Thor, “saved us from that fucking great shark.”

While Auric thought Thor might’ve had some trouble following the boy’s broad Scots dialect, the ‘fucking great shark,’ obviously made it through the translation and, like Thor, his own lips twitched when he had to stifle the laugh.

Not finished recounting the tale, the boy continued, “And Callum, your Dad is a healer just like Mum.  He made your wound all better.“

And damn if the tyke didn’t launch himself into Thor’s arms and latch onto him like a starfish. 

“My Da is a shark killer!  You saved Callum’s life.”  Reaching up, the boy grabbed Thor’s blond hair with both fists, “You gots pretty hair, Da!” and, releasing the hair, he laid his head on the Viking’s shoulder and promptly fell asleep.

The look of utter astonishment on Thor’s face was priceless.  Auric was rocked by the simple trust the boy had just placed on Thor’s shoulders.  Before he could comment, a small hand grabbed his.

 “Da, that’s Cameron.  Mum said she would take us to meet you, but she died before we could.  We just kept on in the same direction; we didn’t know what else to do.  Tell me what our name is, Da.  Cameron and me always wanted a last name.  What’s our name Da?”

With a throat suddenly constricted with emotion, Auric leaned down to Callum and gave him a name.  “Your name is Doone, Callum Doone.” 

Whispering the names like a mantra, “Callum and Cameron Doone,” the exhausted selkie gifted him with the sweetest of smiles before following his twin into sleep.

In the utter stillness that now engulfed the house, Auric looked at Thor and without hesitation they bellowed in unison, “POSEIDON!”

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