Romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sing We Now of Christmas - For Your Reading Pleasure

We're counting down the days and if your life is anything like mine, it's getting a little crazy, hopefully in a good sort of way.  If the world doesn't end - which I have every confidence it won't - I have more baking to do, tons of wrapping, a Christmas eve visit to my mother-in-law's farm, Christmas at my house, Christmas afternoon at my mother' know how it goes.

One thing I'm hoping for over the holiday is a little more down time to read and if you have time to do a little read and you're into a seasonal read, you might like to check out Sing We Now of Christmas, my 2011 Rebel Ink Press holiday release.

Here's the cover - another Carl J. Franklin beauty - all the details and a romantic excerpt:

Sing We Now of Christmas

Rebel Ink Press December 2, 2011

Contemporary romance/Christmas/mainstream

ISBN# RIP0001093

Word Count: 44, 300

122 pages

$5.99 ebook
Author: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy




When Jessica Martin met Johnny Devereaux that December, holiday magic filled the air but their love was no enchantment….he was, without doubt the love of her life and by summer, they were happy newlyweds with all their life and holidays ahead.

But when he failed to return home from a fishing trip on the Fourth of July, Jessica’s world is rocked to the foundation and when the authorities tell her that her husband is missing, presumed dead, she refuses to believe it.

As the months and seasons pass, no one else holds out hope but Jessica believes.

She knows he’ll be home for Christmas no matter what.  Her family calls her crazy, Johnny’s family tries to help her find closure but Jessica’s heart refuses to surrender hope.

When Christmas comes, the truth will come out to shock them all.




Jessica daydreamed about their very first time together, that night they became intimate.  She’d come home late from her teaching job and found Johnny there, asleep on her couch.  When she went to change clothes, she found that he’d transformed her ordinary bedroom into a lovely bower, a romantic place where anything could happen – and did.

            A vase of white, red, and pink roses stood on her dresser, the fragrance of the flowers heavy and sweet in the room. Jar candles sat near the posies on the table beside her bed, even on the headboard.  As they flickered, she caught their scent, a rich gardenia smell she liked, one that reminded her of the classic White Shoulders perfume.  A brand new comforter, soft and fluffy, covered her bed replacing the worn out old discount store navy blue bedspread.  Jessica stroked her hand across the surface, admiring the white comforter where big pink and crimson roses bloomed. Music flowed from her CD boom box, not rock, not country but the pleasant sounds of Mannheim Steamroller.  Impressed by the effort he’d made to create a romantic scene, she smiled.

            If he could create this mood, then she could follow his lead.  Jessica opened a dresser drawer and searched.  She rejected the full-length flannel nightgown, the faded and well-worn nightshirt, the silky shorts she often slept in and pulled out the one piece of sexy lingerie she owned with triumph.   The satin baby doll still had the store tags from when she bought it at clearance after Valentine’s Day last year, unable to resist the pretty crimson garment.  She’d wondered who she might wear it for or if she’d ever have the nerve but tonight, inspired by his preparation, she changed into it.   She sprayed on a little Obsession and brushed her hair until it hung smooth past her shoulders.   Inside, she trembled from a volatile combination of nerves and desire but she walked into the living room with a siren’s strut only to find Johnny still asleep. 

            She knelt down, noticing the way that his long eyelashes brushed his cheek and how a slight smile teased his lips.   Judging by his even breath he was deep into sleep country but Jessica bent down to kiss his mouth, slow and serious.  He responded before he awoke, his lips sculpting to fit hers and when he opened his eyes, he grinned.

            “Hey, Johnny,” she said in the huskiest whisper she could summon.  “It’s bedtime.”

            He blinked, still smiling. “Is it?”


            “Then come here, honey,” he said, “let me rock you to sleep.”

            He sat up and then snagged her with his arms.  He cuddled her on his lap and began to kiss her with gusto.  Johnny tasted her with the same eager zeal she thought he would have for a good steak, the perfect hamburger or maybe a fine wine.   Her appetite equaled his and she returned his kisses.   Her arms locked around his neck to hold tight as his hands roamed, caressing her with both ardor and appreciation.

              When he gathered her up and carried her into the bedroom Jessica thought she would swoon with delight.  She loved it, adored being mastered and loved with such intensity.  He put her on the bed as her senses embraced all the sensual triggers around her, the rich aroma of gardenias, the delightful music that evoked emotion, the candlelit ambiance, and his touch against her skin.  Jessica gloried in it and surrendered.

            Any lingering restraint, old fears from previous relationships that went sour vanished in the total power of Johnny’s lovemaking.   As they fondled and caressed, kissed and touched, Jessica crossed the last boundary to the total certainty that this man was the love of her life, her significant other, forever.

            When they came together like a force of nature, on a grand scale like a cold and warm front intersecting, everything was right.   Their timing brought them home together on a slow, full rush of delight, a pleasure that enveloped and encompassed them both.  In those moments, that eternity that could never last long enough, they became one, united in a way that transcended any words, any laws, any binding.   Nothing could be more full or complete that this and with wonder, with joy, they both knew it well.

            After, as they unwound with sweet lethargy they whispered together, words of love and promises that didn’t have to be spoken to be valid.   By the time that the shadows cast by the candles grew tall on the walls, they knew they would have to move but neither had energy or inclination.



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