Romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sneak Peek From Alex Jones As The Rebel Elite Holiday Hop Continues!

It's the season...and you've come to the right place to find out a lot more about some of your favorite Rebel Ink Press authors. All Rebel authors are special but in 2013, Rebel Ink Press is launching a new program - the Rebel Elite. Just over a dozen of us are part of the group as since we're all but knocking on 2013's door, we're spending a week sharing each other's works and a little bit about ourselves. We've got prizes too! A Kindle Paper White, 14 $5 gift cards, and a Rebel Swag Basket! To enter, use the Rafflecopter link below!

Today, day four of our hop, I'm offering a real treat - a sneak peek at Rebel Elite author Alex Jones' upcoming title.  It's hooked me and I want to read more but I'll have to wait just like everyon

Knights of Fey: Remain

Sneak Preview (coming Spring 2013)

The complex was dark by the time they pulled into the parking lot. After what had been a simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking day, the sight of home made Jace smile. “This is it,” he remarked casually, taking his usual parking space to the right. “I’ve been here about two years. It’s a nice place. Quiet, usually.”

Morgan smiled in appreciation, and nodded. As soon as the engine stopped, he unbuckled and got out, seeming to relish the pavement beneath his feet. He took in the sights, and nodded. “I know this place. The rise in the hill,” he gestured to the back of the complex, which rose slightly higher than the rest. “It looked… different, when I was here last.”

Jace took it in stride, starting off towards his home. “They’ve done a lot of work the last few years, but these building have been here since the sixties…”

Morgan did not comment, but matched his footsteps, keeping stride with him easily. A comfortable silence settled between them; they reached the door, and Jace turned the key in the lock. The door opened, and a quiet, dark apartment met them.

“Sorry for the mess,” Jace managed as they stepped through the threshold. He clicked on the entryway lamp, casting a warm gold glow through the room. Their feet tread the carpet gently, and Morgan stepped forward, appraising his new surroundings. Jace smiled slightly as he shut the door and locked it behind them—his companion’s expression was that of a cat, taking in every nook and cranny. Morgan immediately made himself at home, exploring the kitchen, living room, back hallway and into the bedrooms. It struck Jace as incredibly bold, and what a more private person might even consider rude. But Morgan did it all with a playful sort of air, as if enjoying the chance to explore new terrain. Jace followed him back to the furthest room, turning on more lights as he went. When he rounded the corner to the doorway, he found Morgan in the room the served as his studio.

It was a small room, meant to be a child’s bedroom or office space. But he’d converted into a makeshift art room, with extra canvases stacked along the outer wall, an easel set up off to the left, and several pieces in various forms of completion resting on a table nested in the closet. It was these that had caught Morgan’s attention. He stood over them silently, taking in the details of each one. Jace stood back, giving him room to process. He understood the feeling, on seeing a new piece of art. That was one of the things he loved about the gallery—on weekdays, when it was relatively quiet, he could just walk the floor from one piece to the next, enjoying each quiet moment of acquaintance with the new pieces. It felt good, like he changed ever so slightly with each one, even if it was just in knowing it existed. He did not begrudge Morgan the time with his own pieces now. They definitely weren’t Da Vinci, but it pleased him that Morgan seemed to appreciate them. When his eyes came to rest on the final piece, the one Jace had just finished earlier that week, his brows furrowed.

“This…” Morgan began, “…What is this?”

Jace took his place at Morgan’s side easily, casting his gaze down to the canvas he knew so well. “It’s a lioness… I wanted to catch the strength in her—they’re such beautiful animals. Did you know the females are the hunters in a pride?”

Morgan nodded gently—he knew. “They are beautiful creatures. I envy them, at times.”

The comment was strange; Jace looked back to Morgan’s visage, searching for an answer. An indescribable longing was there, and a sadness. He wasn’t sure what to make of it. “You remind me a little of her… Handsome and strong. And I think you have secrets like them, too.”

He arched a brow, looking to Jace with amusement. “Oh?”

“It’s in your eye,” Jace laughed. “Like you know something I don’t, but should.”

They were standing close, so close Jace could feel the heat of their skin mingling in the air. In one graceful movement Morgan turned and scooped his arm around his waist, pulling him firmly against his body, solidly— “Maybe it is because I intend to bed you, and you do not know it yet.”

Jace’s heart leapt in the heady of rush of exhilaration. Morgan was grinning. “No,” Jace smiled playfully. “That, I did know.”


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