Romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Romance author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Thursday, January 02, 2014

First Release in 2014: Will's Way

I’m still acclimating to 2014 although the calendars are changed, the old down, the new hung on the walls.  My data planner and a notebook to organize what I have upcoming are both on the table.  I started trying to fill out both this morning, did a little but it was time for more coffee. 

So let’s start with what’s new and first up for this year – we’re less than a week away from the debut of Will’s Way.  Check out this awesome cover by Toby By Design, then the blurb and a little taste!



When Marine Will Nichols returned from Afghanistan with some serious scars, he retreated from almost everything and everyone.  His late night radio talk show is the one place no one can judge him by his appearance but he lives lonely.  One of his regular callers, however, Samantha Callahan, manages to catch both his fancy and affection.  No matter how he feels, though, he refuses to meet her because he fears she’ll reject him.   But stubborn Samantha doesn’t give up easily and cares enough to take a chance because where there’s Will, there’s a way.





His apartment above a garage in the north part of town offered both space and privacy.  His routine seldom changed.  When he came home, he showered, ate a meal more suitable as dinner than breakfast, often steak and eggs or reheated chili, then hung out for awhile before he slept.  Sometimes he watched old movies on television or listened to music or read.  After a month of talking to Samantha every night off air, four weeks of knowing her full name, Will summoned up enough courage to see if he could find her on Facebook.  His page featured a Marine emblem instead of a photo and he used it to keep in touch with some of the others from his unit.  His thirty-odd Facebook friends were mostly fellow Marines plus a few cousins and two old friends from high school. 

            Finding Samantha’s page proved to be easy.  He had it up within minutes and although he couldn’t access most of it, he stared at her profile picture.  Yeah, sure, he’d expected her to be pretty but Samantha Callahan turned out to be lovelier than he’d imagined.  Soft brown hair curled around her heart-shaped face as she smiled into the camera.  It appeared to be a candid shot, not posed.  Her eyes were a rich hazel color, and her full lips were a deep pink.  Any notion he might’ve conjured up about meeting her or attempting a real life friendship died.  She’s too damn gorgeous and she’d run in horror from a freak like me.

            He clicked on the other photos accessible on her page.  He almost hoped, with a deep visceral bitterness, to find out she wasn’t so pretty after all.  But, after he’d flipped through the others, there was no way he could deny she was beautiful.  He liked the casual snapshot taken with Samantha outdoors against some lovely flower gardens and another one, a shot of Samantha sitting cross-legged in front of a Christmas tree, most of all.  I could send her a friend request and we could connect a little more.  She’d never have to know what I look like.

            Will indulged in the sweet fantasy for less than a minute.  He didn’t dare.  He already craved something deeper and closer.  Any additional contact would only stir up additional desires.  With more force than necessary, he exited Facebook and shut down the computer.  Nothing on television piqued his fancy and when he picked up his e-reader, he couldn’t find any interest in the novel he’d been reading.  None of the music he blasted into his ears from his Ipod helped either.  By the time he prepared to sleep, his nerves were on high alert and his body so tense he knew he’d never get any rest.  He thought about snacking but rejected it.  Food wouldn’t help scratch the itch in his crotch or relieve the ache in his heart. 

            Women were in the past, filed away with his old face and memories.  Until the accident, Will had adored women and most liked him. Hell, a few maybe even loved him. 

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